Olive and Maya

Olive & Maya

Olive and Maya are two amazingly smart French “girls” who have supported Elias and Salomé since the very beginning. Due to their valuable sense of humour and their names, which remind us of the most common cooking oils, Olive and Maya have turned into their respective bottles… OLIVE & MAYA


Werther is an American actor, singer and performer. He is a close friend of Elias and, like him, enjoys playing the role of famous people. La Caterva wanted to pay him a tribute, entrusting him with the role of the Terminator. WERTHER

Chewy and Pepperoni

Chewy & Pepperoni

Chewy and Pepperoni are two Canadian f(ur)riends very dear to Elias and Salome. Chewy, the little house panther, has health problems and needs a lot of care and attention. In support of the cause, La Caterva portrayed the two felines in the role of Californian rock stars Red Hot Chewy Pepperoni. COME ON CHEWY! CATIFORNICATION!! CHEWY […]


Tommie “IL FIGO” – alias “THE COOL” 😎 – is a beloved Dutch friend of Elias’ and Salomé’s. As his peculiarities are a fashionable tabby red coat and a cool personality, la Caterva features him in a Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt, this one reinterpreted with the usual wordplay… TOMMIE