Elias "the dandy" Wilfred

is an aristocratic artist and performer, prone to the use of drugs, a bit inappetent and with vegan inclinations. Between absinthe, bleach, catnip and rubber, he spends all day looking for a diversion from his congenital boredom …

Salome "the clumsy" Falafel

is a kitten of poor origins, full of enthusiasm, greedy for all kinds of food and a bit naive. She is often overwhelmed by the creative flair of her decadent partner, who involves her in his minimalist and experimental projects

Morgana "the witch" Steiner

is Elias and Salome’s roommate. Hyperactive and rather impertinent, she imposes her presence with jumps and twirls that usually cause panic. Don’t be fooled by the softness of her fur, Morgana actually has a dark past and hides many personalities… …

Elias the Dandy

La Caterva is a horde of characters, types and objects that represent the alter-egos of Elias and Salome, whose common denominator is the word “CAT”.

Salomè the Clumsy

Human elements blend with feline traits in an ironic and surreal key, giving rise to a philosophy that celebrates autonomy, initiative and brazen irreverence.

cat comics


The slogan THINK FELINE was born with the intention of spreading among humans the same indomitable and playful nature that allows cats to live peacefully despite all odds.

If you let the feline thought inside you, your life will change for the better, as well as your vision of the world.