Elias the dandy

Elias “the dandy” Wilfred is an aristocratic artist and performer, a bit anorexic, vegan and prone to the use of drugs. Between absinthe, bleach, catnip and rubber, Elias spends his days looking for ways to fight spleen and congenital boredom. The “horde” of alter egoes (or aliases) of Elias, is an experiment that was born […]

Salomè the clumsy

Salomé “the clumsy” Falafel is a cat of poor origins, full of enthusiasm, greedy for all sorts of food and a bit naïve. She invariably lets herself be overwhelmed by the creative flair of her decadent partner, who involves her in a minimalist experimental project. The feline reinvents herself as illustrious people or special characters, engaging […]