Catto La Qualunque

Elias “the dandy” in the role of CATto La Qualunque launches La Caterva into politics. The premise of his electoral program is clear and simple: “We will bring boats of fur, ships laden with fur, in fact, a gigantic horde of fur! In the cities there will be no more mice, cuz I’ll bring you cats!” is […]

Salome aka CORSICAT


La Caterva is finally back from vacation! Salome “the clumsy” has become so much in the part, that it was not possible to make her take the bandage off her head. Admire the CorsiCAT in all its splendor!!! Corse flag

Elias & Salome in METALLICAT


La Caterva is back on stage for an unprecedented live performance of the famous band MetalliCAT! Elias “the dandy” and Salome “the clumsy” literally “split up” to be able to interpret simultaneously the 4 members of the band. For Elias it was quite difficult to get the hair curls, as well as for Salome to […]

Little Bastard

Little Bastard

Having been informed of the infamous massacre by the dog Little Bastard, La Caterva prepares to counterattack relying on shady acquaintances. How will it end? Here is the prequel by Massimobruschi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4MKxYCHi5E

Elias & Salomè in THE CATRIX

the Catrix

«You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up a dog and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Felineland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.» Will Salomè “the clumsy” convince Elias “the dandy” and the whole Caterva to rise against […]

Salomè aka MALEFICAT


MalefiCAT is a pure-hearted cat who defends La Caterva from invaders. But one day, Elias Wilfred’s betrayal turns her heart into a piece of ice. La Caterva is thrilled with this re-interpretation of The Sleeping Beauty. Elias makes fun of the giant horns that Salomè shows off with great style… Angelina Jolie in Maleficent



Methuselah is the famous biblical ancestor. It is said that he died at the age of 969 and lived longer than all the characters mentioned in the Bible. Since La Caterva needed to elect the wisest of the horde, Elias “the dandy” was asked to impersonate the long-lived CATriarch CAThuselah. He didn’t have it repeated […]


Raffaella Catrà

Aware that Salome almost always has the less seductive roles to play, while Elias has the more charismatic ones, La Caterva offers her the chance to take on the role of the popular showgirl, singer, dancer, actress and TV host Raffaella CATrà. With her timeless bob hair, Salome never misses the opportunity to incite her […]


Leonardo di Catrio

Elias “the dandy” in the role of Leonardo di CATrio receives the Oscat as best leading actor of La Caterva. Already acclaimed as a wolf (of Wall Street), Di Catrio has won the most prestigious award. On the occasion of the national day of the cat, he dedicates his trophy to the 7.5 million nonconformist […]



By showing exceptional awareness of the environment and following all the debates on eco-sustainability, Elias “the dandy” has become completely plasticised. The whole Caterva is united around PlastiCAT and his cause, with the exception of Salomè “the clumsy”, who didn’t miss the opportunity to use her versatile partner as a bag for her daily shopping! […]