Catsius Clay

CATsius Clay is considered one of the best heavyweights of all time and one of the toughest athletes of La Caterva. To get better at the part, Elias “the dandy” has been training incessantly day and night, jumping rope and drinking industrial quantities of beaten eggs. The hardest obstacle, however, was finding a suitable mouth […]


Catilde di Canossa

CATilde di Canossa is one of the most important figures of the Italian Middle Ages. In a period of continuous battles, intrigues and excommunications, she demonstrated extraordinary strength and an innate aptitude for leadership. No one better than Salome could have played the part, thanks to her firm ladylike temperament that makes her the Grancontess of […]

Salome aka CATSANDRA


Like CATsandra, Salome has always been able to predict the future and to foretell the worst, especially because she is the one who gives rise to the most terrible disasters! La Caterva systematically underestimates her and then ends up suffering the consequences of its own obtuse disbelief! Elias “the dandy” knows something about it, he […]


Lady Catbeth

Lady CATbeth is a theatrical character, born from the mind of playwright William SNAKEspeare. Thirsty for power and eager to conquer a coveted social position, Lady Catbeth has King DunCAT killed to wear the crown. La Caterva would never have expected that the sweet and clumsy Salome could turn into a cold calculating mind, ready […]


Robert Pawney Jr

A very charming Elias “the dandy” with purple glasses and goatee plays Robert PAWney Jr. After the successful performance of Captain AmeriCAT, La Caterva incites Elias to play the role of Iron Cat. But before accepting the challenge and playing the character, the dandy preferred to familiarize himself with the actor! Robert Downey Jr

Elias aka PAW NEWMAN

Paw Newman

With the ambition to conquer the audience of half the planet, Elias “the dandy” gives a real sting to La Caterva, dressing up as timeless PAW Newman. A true master of bank pool, with a cue in his hand and a cigar between his teeth, our dandy will also put Salome in the hole! Paul […]

Salome aka MAJOLICAT


Salome’s vocation to interpret inanimate objects reaches its climax in this incredible version of MajoliCAT. La Caterva is stunned by such audacity, while Elias “the dandy” is already planning to decorate his bathroom walls with these original tiles! majolica tiles


Catto La Qualunque

Elias “the dandy” in the role of CATto La Qualunque launches La Caterva into politics. The premise of his electoral program is clear and simple: “We will bring boats of fur, ships laden with fur, in fact, a gigantic horde of fur! In the cities there will be no more mice, cuz I’ll bring you cats!” is […]

Salome aka CORSICAT


La Caterva is finally back from vacation! Salome “the clumsy” has become so much in the part, that it was not possible to make her take the bandage off her head. Admire the CorsiCAT in all its splendor!!! Corse flag

Elias & Salome in METALLICAT


La Caterva is back on stage for an unprecedented live performance of the famous band MetalliCAT! Elias “the dandy” and Salome “the clumsy” literally “split up” to be able to interpret simultaneously the 4 members of the band. For Elias it was quite difficult to get the hair curls, as well as for Salome to […]