Elias and Salome in MEOWDL


Salome takes up online shopping, a victim of media bombardment of the latest trends. Elias enjoys himself, unaware that the bank account to be drained will be his own. Grand finale of the series: ‘Do not open that door’ !

Elias and Salome in CATBULL


La Caterva explores the Horatian theme of CARPE DIEM. Elias urges Salome to enjoy the fleeting time, not disdaining adjuvant substances…

Elias and Salome in T-REX


The cartoon is inspired by a fact that actually happened to the humans of La Caterva who, unaware of the new regulations of their City Council, collected a series of fines in just one month. Crossing the stop line with a scooter (without running a red light or blocking traffic) has never been considered dangerous […]

Paranormal Cativity

Paranormal Cativity

Dedicated to those who share the bedroom with their cats, especially on Halloween night! Pump up the volume at your own risk… https://www.lacaterva.com/wp-content/uploads/paranormal_cativity_web.mp4



Elias “the dandy” imagines the heir of famous Cat Lagerfeld as the perfect ambassador for La Caterva. But just when the opportunity seems to arise, Salome messes up again…


Catilde di Canossa

CATilde di Canossa is one of the most important figures of the Italian Middle Ages. In a period of continuous battles, intrigues and excommunications, she demonstrated extraordinary strength and an innate aptitude for leadership. No one better than Salome could have played the part, thanks to her firm ladylike temperament that makes her the Grancontess of […]

Salome aka CATSANDRA


Like CATsandra, Salome has always been able to predict the future and to foretell the worst, especially because she is the one who gives rise to the most terrible disasters! La Caterva systematically underestimates her and then ends up suffering the consequences of its own obtuse disbelief! Elias “the dandy” knows something about it, he […]


Lady Catbeth

Lady CATbeth is a theatrical character, born from the mind of playwright William SNAKEspeare. Thirsty for power and eager to conquer a coveted social position, Lady Catbeth has King DunCAT killed to wear the crown. La Caterva would never have expected that the sweet and clumsy Salome could turn into a cold calculating mind, ready […]

Salome aka MAJOLICAT


Salome’s vocation to interpret inanimate objects reaches its climax in this incredible version of MajoliCAT. La Caterva is stunned by such audacity, while Elias “the dandy” is already planning to decorate his bathroom walls with these original tiles! majolica tiles