Elias aka CATULHU


Once again, Elias’ passion for literature has made possible this horrific interpretation of CATulhu. The “dandy” got so involved with the green monster of LoveCAT, that he made this tentacular mask with his own legs! La Caterva is really proud of his creative flair. Cthulhu


Edgar Allan Paw

With Edgar Allan PAW, Elias “the dandy” once again reveals his aristocratic origins and his education full of cultural references. Perhaps he always had the desire to play the black cat in the horror story of the same name. However, being the title absolutely lacking in originality, La Caterva could not fulfil his request. Edgar […]

Elias aka KAFCAT


Always passionate about good literature, La Caterva convinces Elias “the dandy” to pay tribute to KafCAT. On the condition of playing the part of the cockroach in “The Metamorphosis”, Elias agrees to interpret both the famous writer and his work, proving once again his skill worthy of the OsCAT prize. Franz Kafka